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woolen elephant soft toy – charcoal grey

$ 64.00

woolen elephants are handcrafted out of wool fabric and wool stuffing, and measure a noble 8 inches tall. having become accustomed to the finer things in life – perfectly fluffy biscuits, classic vinyl, linen napkins without stains, very cold apple cider, well-dusted interiors, and the sunday paper – woolen elephants have taken to wearing very crisp collars with french cuffs at all times because they never know who they may come across during a casual stroll.

materials: wool fabric, cotton embroidery floss, cotton thread, and wool stuffing. all wool materials are made in the usa. every dove & hand creature is labeled with the date it was made and numbered. 

the woolen elephant pictured is a sample of the charcoal grey style. woolen elephants are handmade in small batches, and each one is one of kind. woolen elephants of this style will be made of the same cloth and thread, but will have variations in detail and construction. please allow for individuality and a non-mass-produced appearance.

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