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woolen bear soft toy – dark grey with yellow scarf

$ 52.00

woolen bears are handcrafted out of wool fabric and wool stuffing, and when standing they measure a mighty 8 inches tall.  although obviously fond of sheep and their fiber, woolen bears prefer the company of humans, turtles, and gnomes.  they are prone to long periods of quiet contemplation, afternoon naps, and skipping bath time.  some say that woolen bears are a little on the peculiar side and, well, they are probably right.  the woolen bears live by the ancient words spoken by their ancestors throughout the ages: truth, courage, snuggles, and yum.

materials: wool fabric, cotton embroidery floss, cotton thread, wool yarn, and wool stuffing.  all wool materials are made in the usa.  every dove & hand creature is labeled with the date it was made and numbered.  nothing on the bears is removable, including their hand-knit scarves, so they will stay looking sharp through serious play sessions.

the woolen bear pictured is a sample of the dark grey with yellow scarf style.  woolen bears are handmade in small batches, and each one is one of kind.  woolen bears of this style will be made of the same cloth and thread, but will have variations in detail and construction.  please allow for individuality and a non-mass-produced appearance.

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